FLY – Film Literacy Years

The purpose of the FLY- initiative is to strengthen film language and imagination of children and young people in an international context by utilizing the international network in the film- and media educational area around Animated Learning Lab, The Animation Workshop / VIA University College at the moment.

With FLY, we launch an international community for teachers, pedagogues, researchers and film-professionals within film literacy, hosted by the secretariat in Denmark.


Film can connect us!

With the use of film language and imagination as a catalyst for cultural development, innovation and international collaboration, FLY has taken off.

In a global world, we face common challenges that must be solved with cooperation. The starting point and theme of the FLY initiative is the UN’s 17 world goals. Using film language as a means of global communication, and imagination, as the special ability of human beings we can create new and innovative solutions.


Through various projects supported by the EU, Nordplus, The Danish Film Institute and private funds among others, Animated Learning Lab is currently collaborating with as diverse a spectrum of countries as: Japan, Greenland, Island, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Finland. All projects are focusing on film- and media pedagogy.

To tie together the different initiatives, and share knowledge within film literacy in schools, we host the Animated Learning Conference in September every year, during Viborg Animation Festival.

The overall focus is how the children in school strengthen their film-language skills (their global language) and their imagination while producing and experiencing film and animation as part of the different subjects in school.

If you want to become part of the FLY network then contact Animated Learning Lab.